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Our Services

1. Comprehensive Heart Check  $250

Our Comprehensive Heart Check is a 1 hour assessment and includes the following:

- Assessment of Heart Rate and Blood pressure and your height and weight 

- Electrocardiogram (ECG) to assess for an abnormal heart rhythm such as Atrial Fibrillation

- A cholesterol and other lipids (HDL, LDL) blood test

- A Glucose test to screen for Diabetes

- An Ankle Brachial index (ABI) to screen for  blockages in the blood vessels that supply your legs (peripheral vascular disease)

- An Exercise Stress Test to assess for underlying blockages in the arteries that supply your heart (ischaemic heart disease)

After your assessment we will provide you with a comprehensive report and copies of your tests.  This will include recommendations you can discuss with your regular doctor.

2. Exercise Stress Test  - $150

3. ECG - $50

4. Ankle Brachial Index - $50

5. Cholesterol and Lipids -  $50

6. 24 Hour Blood pressure monitor $75